Welcome to FMA 2017

The 7th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis will take place in Malaga, Spain, 14-16 June 2017. This International Workshop brings together researchers from the field of ethnomusicology and the field of computational and analytical musicology.

FMA 2017 will provide the attendants with a fantastic forum to share research, thoughts, needs and discoveries between ethno-musicologists, musicians, librarians, students, museum curators, computer science experts and music information retrieval researchers to foster the creation of cross-disciplinary collaborative networks and the development of new interdisciplinary tools, methods, techniques and ideas to promote the enrichment of music, specially folk music and the preservation and dissemination of World's musical cultural heritage.


The workshop will deal with musicology, ethnology, engineering and computer sciences including signal processing, pattern recognition, applied mathematics, etc.

  • Computational (ethno)musicology

  • Retrieval systems for non-western and folk musics

  • New methods for music transcription

  • Statistical approaches to music

  • Empirical approaches to music

  • Folk music classification systems

  • Models of oral transmission of music

  • Cognitive modelling of music

  • Aesthetics and related philosophical issues

  • Methodological issues

  • Representational issues and models

  • Audio and symbolic representations

  • Formal and computational music analysis